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Our Mission
Our Restoration Center, located in Santa Barbara, California, is dedicated to the preservation of art, antiques, and collectibles. We are professionaly trained conservators, who specialize in museum quality restoration of art objects.

We use the newest available technology and choose materials and methods that are reversible and least invasive to the object.

We combine scientific knowledge with specialized artistic skills in order to preserve object with respect to their age, historic, and aesthetic characteristics.

 Our clients include museums, art and antique galleries, moving and insurance companies, auction houses, private collectors, and individuals.

Our Background
We are professionaly trained conservators, with M.A.degrees in Art history and Conservation plus 20 years of experience in European and  American  institutions.  Projects we have worked on in the past include paintings, on-site restoration of interior and exterior sculptures and decoration of old churches and other historical sites in Europe.  We also have professional experience restoring  frames, gilding, porcelain, marble, and ceramics.  In  addition  we  have  art history research and publication experience working for museums in Europe.



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